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GREAT NEWS! Strategic Partnership with Axisrooms

We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Axisroom, the leading global distribution system technology provider, for travel-related services in the hospitality industry. The company provides products for the hospitality industry in one suite from channel manager, booking engine, central reservation system, rate shopper, revenue management system, vacation rental.
Axisroom was awarded as Asia’s Leading Hotel Booking Solutions Provider’at the World Travel Awards 2019 ‘with the prize for the recognition of top-rating in the booking segment. 
Accom Click Sdn Bhd is bringing Axisroom to Malaysia. 
We are grateful for partnerships that help us to accommodate both the wants and needs of travel-related services in the hospitality industry. Technology is tailor-made to suit the likes of Large Chain Hotels, Boutique or mid-segment hotels to bed and breakfasts or even homestays.
Accom click & Axisroom partnership is an exciting new chapter for both companies and we cannot wait to …

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